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Sunday, 20 August 2017

What's New at Rimmel London

Considering the amount of new products that come out every season from a multitude of high-end and drugstore brands, I’m still never able to resist trying them out. Luckily, from time to time I get to receive new products to try out from some of my favourite brands, which I’m tremendously grateful for.

This Summer, Rimmel London came out with loads of new products and courtesy of Rimmel London Malta, I got to try them out so I could share my thoughts with all of you lovelies.

So let’s delve into it!

Starting off this post, we have the Magnif'Eyes Palette in the shade London Nudes Calling. It contains 8 different rosey-nude shades ranging from matte to shimmery. Now to be honest with you the mattes are not as pigmented as I hoped they would be, but the shimmery ones make up for that – they are super pigmented and creamy so they blend like a dream on the lid. The palette is also quite compact and travel-friendly, having a nice sized mirror which you can use on the go.

Moving on, we have the Scandaleyes Bold Eyeliner. After reading some negative reviews, it got me really intrigued in giving it out a try myself. The liquid liner has a ball-tip applicator which I thought would make it harder to make a precise line, but boy was I wrong! It is so easy to use, and as you will see in the photo further below, it applies a mean winged liner. It boasts to be waterproof and stays on for a good 24 hours which I have not tested out myself so I can’t comment on that. But as a liquid liner, it's quite good. 

Next up we have the Radiance Shimmer Brick. It comes in 2 shades – 01 which is for lighter skintones, and 02 which is for more bronzy-olive skin tones. Since I’m quite fair, I got mine in the shade 01. It gives a nice bronzy glow to the skin without being over the top. I just love it for everyday use – for that healthy glowing look. 

At last we have my new found holy grail mascara. The Volume Shake Mascara packs the pigment while giving your lashes the volume they need – I was even asked if I were wearing false eyelashes when wearing this mascara! It does not clump and has a new shaking-system which refreshes the formula each time you shake it.  Overall, I think it’s a wonderful mascara.

All items have been used in the look below 

Have a lovely Sunday!

Love, Thereseanne
Monday, 24 July 2017

Self-Tanning with the Payot Elixir Range | Review & Demo*

We’re in the middle of the summer season, and who doesn’t like getting that luminous summer tan? Well, if we’re talking about sunbathing in the scorching sun to get a tan, then I’ll be the first one to admit that I don’t like sunbathing. The main reasons being that I like my pale skin and secondly, the effects of sun exposure on the skin are something that I’m really afraid of – remember that the effects will not show now or tomorrow but in the long run.

However, nowadays, the beauty industry has come up with a way for us to tan safely – sunless tanner! So in collaboration with Franks – The Art of Living Beautiful, today I’ll be sharing with you how I self-tan when I have that special event where I want to look all nice and sun kissed.  

Let’s get into it!

So after I hop in the shower and wash myself with some shower gel using a pair of mild exfoliating gloves and rinse myself, it’s time to exfoliate using a deep scrub. Today I’m using the Payot Elixir Gold Scrub. Like the tub it comes in, the scrub itself is gold (how cool is that?!). This is because it is rich in golden sugar cane grains mixed with jojoba oil. I take a good amount of the scrub and rub in circular motions all over my skin. Although it is quite a deep scrub, it’s still nourishing and creamy leaving your skin feel as soft as silk. And the scent, don’t get me started! It smells divine – it contains notes of myrrh and amyris so it’s quite wood-scented yet florally if you get what I mean. It comes in a pot of 200ml and despite it is slightly pricier than other scrubs, it’s a huge tub that will last you for quite a while, and in my opinion it’s quite worth it.

Now moving onto the tanning part. This was my first time self-tanning so I must admit I need some practice. However, the Payot Elixir Sublimant Mist comes in a spraying can which makes it for easy application. You only have to spray onto dried skin at a distance of around 40cm and leave it to dry without spreading. Just a warning; as soon as you spray it, it comes out as an oily sheen which you’d think won’t make a difference colour-wise but after a couple of hours the colour starts developing so I suggest waiting for the colour to develop before going in for another round. It applies quite uniform (so no patches) and leaves you with quite a natural tan. On my first application, the only issue I had is on my foot as I applied it too closely and quite heavily without waiting for it to develop so I was left with quite an orange foot HA! However, practice makes perfect and now I learned my lesson that I have to apply it from a distance and wait for it to develop. It also contains extract of black rose which leaves quite a luminous and soft effect on the skin.

As you can see, the difference is quite noticeable from one leg to another yet it still looks quite natural. Just in case you’d like to know, I applied 3 layers of tanner.  

Phew! If you made it this far, than thank you for reading through such a long and detailed post! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Payot products can be found in all Franks Outlets and now also online, 
through their website here
 Love, Thereseanne
Sunday, 2 July 2017

Channeling my inner goddess in the Goddess of Well-Being | Creature Soul

If you read some of my previous posts, I mention that I’m not one to wear jewellery all the time. However, when I find a piece I really love I attach myself to it and wear it to death. So when I stumbled upon the brand Creature Soul on Instagram, I was instantly attracted to these gorgeous bracelets.

There are 11 beautiful handcrafted pieces, each with a different stone ranging from agate and cat’s eye to jade and rose quartz. Each of these bracelets represent a goddess – a talisman of empowerment; there’s the goddess of love, independence, adventure and business amongst others. Today I shall talk to you about The Goddess of Well-Being, represented by the Turquoise Stone.

The Goddess of Well-Being is described as the following:
She’s dynamic in body, mind and soul. She nurtures herself physically and spiritually, constantly on a journey of self-discovery and growth. She is a tireless warrior, making her mark through stamina, discipline and consistency. Aware of the importance of balance, she creates her own sanctuary. She is the Goddess of Well-Being.

For starters, it can be worn either as a double wrap bracelet or as a choker necklace. So you have 2 pieces of jewellery in 1! It is embraced in vegan leather and it is branded with a premium sterling silver or gold plated tag. Size wise the bracelet has a kind of silver button which you can button in the hole which fits most comfortable for you, so it’s great for everyone.

The turquoise used on this bracelet is just exquisite due to the natural formation of the stone. The little flecks in it make each bead different and unique and the colour is very bright and light which makes it perfect for the summer season.

The fact that they promote woman-kind whilst also being eco-friendly and sustainable are factors which represent an ethical brand which puts nature and its customer first.

These pieces definitely make as a good gift for that special goddess in your life! I can’t wait to get my hands on more of these beautiful goddesses!

They also have free worldwide shipping! So go check them out! Find their Facebook page here and Instagram account here. You can purchase online through their website which you can find here

Hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Thereseanne
Thursday, 29 June 2017

Review & Swatches: Sleek MakeUp Lip Vip Lipsticks

We have just started the second week of Summer and the heat is already intolerable. Yet, on those days when you’re going out but you don’t want to put on too much makeup; let’s say a bit of sunblock, bb cream, blush and mascara – a bright lipstick makes you look more put together and summery.

Now to be honest, these colours are totally out of my comfort zone however seeing that it is summer and bright lipsticks are a must in Summer, I thought I would give them a try and share my thoughts about them.

The first lipstick I have is my favourite shade of all; 1003 Backstage which is a peachy-coral pink. I feel that this shade suits me best out of the 3 shades I’ve tried.

Next up we have 1008 Flaunt It. It’s a bright coral-orange shade in a semi-matte texture therefore it has a slight gloss to it as well. It is definitely one of those shades that will attract attention; the name Flaunt It is very apt as well.

And finally, we have shade 1005 Hot Tottie. This is a bright fuchsia shade which is slightly more cool toned. This lipstick was part of the Whimsical Wonderland Collection.

All of these lipsticks are quite moisturizing on the lips. This is due to the fact that they contain Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E to look after, and hydrate your lips. Another thing that attracted me to this collection from Sleek MakeUp is the fact that they’re extremely pigmented – one application is enough to get an opaque colour.  They apply very velvety and are quite lasting on the lips – not as long-lasting as their Matte Me liquid lipsticks – but for a bullet lipstick, they’re quite lovely. They also have a light chocolate-y scent to them, probably due to the shea butter which is a scent I personally love.

The packaging is really impressive for such a budget, drugstore brand, and Sleek MakeUp are clearly upping their game. Chic matte black casing, with a clear plastic section to see the shade (which I appreciate), gives them that luxurious feel and they do look quite pretty on your vanity. 
They’re such high quality lipsticks for a drugstore priced brand! I love them!

I got mine from Melita Health and Beauty in St Julians. Sleek MakeUp are imported by Paloma Cosmetics Ltd.

Have you ever tried any of Sleek Lip Vip Lipsticks?

Love, Thereseanne
Friday, 23 June 2017

Making Waves at The Pink Fashion Show | June 2017

Malta’s Pink Magazine bi-annual Fashion Show was recently held at the newly refurbished Ray’s Lido in Little Armier.

Produced by Pink Magazine’s editor-in-chief Fiona Galea Debono, and styled by Marisa Grima, the audience was treated to a series of summery looks from breezy dresses to beach wear. Featuring well-known brands and their ready-to-wear collections, the 2017 Summer edition of the show was the perfect mix of fashion meets summer soiree. The team behind the show are well known for choosing stunning locations and both creative and original elements which this year resulted in the models arriving on the catwalk from a yacht on jet skis.

Moving onto the show, the trends this summer range from flowy kaftans and maxi dresses to more formal dresses and dressy pants. Colours and patterns ranged from brights to lighter pastel shades and from stripes to florals. The models’ sleek hairstyles were the work of Screen Professional Hair Salons while their bronzy sunkissed make up looks were applied by a talented team of Guerlain make-up artists. The photos below, courtesy of Justin Ciappara, depict my some of my favourite pieces by the participating brands: Calzedonia, O’hea Opticians, Joseph Ribkoff, Furla, Ipanema, Stefania’s, Optika Opticians, Carla Grima Atelier, Coccinelle, Orsay, Dor Boutique, and Rebelli.

So let’s delve into each one!

The show was kicked off by models rocking beach wear from Calzedonia and sunglasses from O’hea Opticians.

Next came out some stylish dresses by Joseph Ribkoff complemented by the most gorgeous of bags by Furla.

Ipanema was the next brand to showcase their very comfortable looking flipflops. They ranged from flats to wedges, each appropriate for upcoming beach days.

Up next came Stefania’s which showed some more classy outfits, specifically summer-appropriate work wear. 

Moving on to Carla Grima Atelier, a local brand, paired with eyewear from Optika Opticians, we saw some gorgeous flowy and colourful kaftans, clothes and swimwear. From statement eyewear to prescription glasses, each style is beautiful in its own way. And I have to admit, Carla Grima’s pieces were one of my favourites!

Following after we saw some lovely bags from Coccinelle, from bright candy shades to monochromatic and neutral ones; there’s something for everyone.

Orsay was the next brand to showcase their summer collection. Pink was the prevalent colour in their collection. I also love the fact that despite the fact that their clothes are classier, one can make them work even for an event or dress them down to something more casual; they can take you from day to night, just like that.

The last 2 brands were probably my favourite from the whole show, as they say, they left the best for last. And they did, indeed. Starting off with Dor Boutique, we saw some shiny, flowy, dressy outfits. I’m just loving the frill-y and off shoulder trend at the moment!

Finally, we saw Rebelli, a brand which is synonymous with luxury brands. From them we saw some smart and casual wear by Versace Jeans and swimwear and accessories by Michael Kors. Hands down, most gorgeous swimwear ever!

After the show, we were all invited to move on to the sandy beach for a wonderful after-party to kick off the summer season. It was also a good opportunity to catch up with fellow bloggers as well as brand managers I get to collaborate with from time to time.

A big thank you also goes to the sponsors who supported the show; Barcode, Beretta, Campari, Chemimart, Diet Kinnie, Inside Out Design Finishes, Interior Outfitters, Magnum, Paco Rabanne, Palatino Camilleri Wines, Pandora, Renault, San Carlo, Ted Baker (new brand launched by Sunlab), Tettiera, and Vichy.

Well done to all the team behind Pink Magazine who dedicate a great deal of time and energy to put together such a fantastic and well-organised show!

Until next time!

Love, Thereseanne